Wonder Woman Issue # 0 CONDT VF


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Wonder Woman Issue # 0 CONDT VF
2: Artemis
• “The Contest: Part 2, The Blind Eyes of Time” – The issue opens with Wonder Woman arguing with her Mother about the idea of having a new contest. Princess Diana is not happy with the idea of this and does not understand why they would want to find someone to replace her. Hippolyta then goes on to explain how Wonder Woman has left her home to be on Earth and that Earth has changed her values and everything she has learned in Themyscria. Diana Strongly disagrees with her mother and says that Earth is a Dangerous place and she is just doing what she feels is best to take care of the people. But Hippolyta makes it very clear that the contest is on and if she does not want to participate in it she can forfeit he costume and office.


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