Web of Spider-Man Issue # 75 NM


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Web of Spider-Man Issue # 75 NM
Art Attack! Part 3 of 4
“Cold Hands Warm Art”
It seems like a normal day in Times Square when suddenly a freak blizzard strikes. Swinging through the area, Spider-Man is just as surprised as the panicked citizens below. Spotting a sign snapping off the side of a building, Spider-Man stops it from falling on the Avenger’s butler, Edwin Jarvis and Captain America’s wartime ally Peggy Carter.[Continuity 1] Spider-Man is assisted by Iceman, and the wall-crawler asks if his allies in X-Factor have figured out what’s going on. Unfortunately, Iceman and his teammates have no answer for the sudden freak blizzard. When the crowd spots Iceman, they quickly blame him for the change in weather, prompting the mutant to make a speedy escape with Jarvis and Peggy. That’s when the New Warriors arrive on the scene to assist bringing people to safety.[Continuity 2] With the situation under control, Spider-Man swings off to check on his wife, Mary Jane, to make sure she is okay.[Continuity 3]


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