Tales to Astonish Issue # 88 Feb ’67 CONDT VERY FINE


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Tales to Astonish Issue # 88 Feb ’67 CONDT VERY FINE
• Apparent death of Boomerang (Frederick Myers).
• “A Stranger Strikes from Space!” – (10-page story) – A giant alien robot accidentally falls out of a passing spaceship and into the lap of Attuma in depths of the ocean. He decides to use this turn of good fortune to destroy Namor and Atlantis… Story continues in next issue.
• “The Boomerang and the Brute!” – (10-page story) – Since they have discovered that the Hulk is not the total villain he has been painted to be, the president tells Ross to pardon him if he thinks the threat is over. Of course, Boomerang picks that exact moment to secretly enrage the jade giant, causing him to go on another rampage and causing Ross to still see him as a menace. Hulk fights the new and improved (but still fashion-impaired) Boomerang.


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