Tales of Suspense Issue # 68 CONDT GOOD


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Tales of Suspense Issue # 68 CONDT GOOD
• “If a Man Be Mad!” – Having returned from Ireland, Happy Hogan resumes work at Stark Industries, and Tony Stark gets a letter from his cousin Morgan asking for help. What Tony doesn’t realize is that his cousin Morgan is under the employ of Count Nefaria who is hoping to use Morgan in a plot to destroy Tony Stark.
First traveling to the States to pretend to seek Tony’s help, Morgan is introduced to the Stark Industries staff and shown around the building. That night as Tony is on his way to a party, he happens to spy a rocket and decides to investigate it as Iron Man. Finding there’s a bomb inside, Iron Man rushed back to Stark Industries and calls a bomb squad as Tony Stark. Arriving on the scene, they find the field empty. This whole episode is part of Morgan’s plan, and Morgan (hiding in the bushes) uses a visio-projector to make Stark hallucinate and think he’s seeing aliens.


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