Strange Tales Issue # 144 CONDT FINE/VERY FINE


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1st appearance of Jasper Sitwell

1st appearance of Dredmund the Druid (Dredmund Cromwell)

1st appearance of Asti the All-Seeing

“The Day of the Druid!”

A mysterious villain called The Druid, using “mystic rites” to disguise “modern, sinister science”, sends another deadly flying egg, to kill Nick Fury! Meanwhile, at the crash site of the downed jet, Fury races thru the fire to shut down the plane’s nuclear reactor before it can explode and take out half the countryside. Dugan refuses to enter the “Mobile Fallout Shelter”, and waits for Fury. On the road in his Porsche 904, Fury & Dugan are attacked by the egg. The car dodges a flame-thrower, strikes back with a “Borer-Bomb”, then falls victim to plastic self-forming tank traps. As the car flips over, its “Air Sacs” activate, then Fury uses its jet fans to fly away and land safely. The pair finally use “Grenade Guns” to take out the offensive omelet. Back at the SHIELD barber shop, clean-cut new recruit Jasper Sitwell has a hard time convincing the barber he’s really a SHIELD agent.

“Where Man Hath Never Trod!”


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