Silver Surfer Issue # 15 CONDT VERY FINE Apr ’70


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Silver Surfer Issue # 15 CONDT VERY FINE
Apr ’70
“The Flame and the Fury!” – (19-page story) – Once more deciding to become part of humanity, the Surfer goes to a tailor to get a set of clothing. “Convincing” the tailors to find him the perfect outfit, the Surfer reflects on his recent adventures and recalls his battle against the Galactus with the Fantastic Four. The Surfer decides that he should contact the Fantastic Four, to see if there is anything they can do to destroy the barrier that Galactus has erected.
Traveling to the Baxter Building, the Surfer overhears the FF agreeing to help the military in finding the Silver Surfer. Believing himself to have been betrayed, the Surfer flees, and Johnny is allowed to follow after the Surfer as the Human Torch.
The two battle across the city, however the Surfer eventually overpowers the Torch, injuring him in battle. However, the Surfer flees when the military arrives on the scene. The Surfer overhears the Torch tell the military that they were trying to contact the Surfer to get him to help them with their space program, not to take him prisoner. The Surfer, ashamed of his actions, flees.


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