Marvel Comics Presents Issue # 95 Flip book


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Marvel Comics Presents Issue # 95
Flip book
Double cover-Wolverine/ Ghost Rider and Cable
Story 1: “Wild Frontier, Pt. 3 of 6: Tribal Instinct” feat. Wolverine
Story 2: “And Ye Shall Remember This Day, Pt. 3 of 4: When Darkness Summons” feat. Nova II
Story 3: “Servants of the Dead, Pt. 6 of 8: Shadows” feat. Ghost Rider, Cable
Story 4: “Heroes” feat. the Hulk — Caught in the heart of a gamma bomb explosion, Dr. Bruce Banner now finds himself transformed into a powerful, dark, and distorted reflection of himself … the Incredible Hulk! (title page)
masthead 1: Nova II
masthead 2: the Hulk (Joe Fixit)


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