Marvel Comics Presents Issue # 128 Flip book


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Marvel Comics Presents Issue # 128
Flip book
Story 1: “Passion Play, Pt. 6 of 8: Hearts of Fire” feat. Wolverine, the Lynx
Story 2: “The Hunter and the Hunted” feat. American Eagle — Jason Strongbow, hailed as the champion of his Navaho community, battles many threats to his people as the American Eagle. But sometimes the most tragic threats come from within … (title page)
Story 3: “The Walking Wounded, Pt. 6 of 8: Roll the Bones” feat. Ghost Rider, Typhoid Mary
Story 4: “The Book of Changes, Pt. 4 of 8: The Evil Eye” feat. Iron Fist
masthead 1: Iron Fist
masthead 2: Typhoid Mary


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