Fantastic Four Issue # 58 CONDT GOOD 1967


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Fantastic Four Issue # 58 CONDT GOOD
“The Dismal Dregs of Defeat” – (story continued from last issue) – The Fantastic Four are startled by the sudden image of Doctor Doom that has materialized over their headquarters as a storm rages, but it vanishes along with the tempest before they can determine what it means. Satisfied with is newly acquired powers, Doctor Doom decides to attack the Fantastic Four directly. Using the his stolen powers Doom summons the Surfer’s surf board and sails to New York. Back at the Baxter Building, Reed and Sue decide to head to their home in Southampton, leaving the thing alone. Doom arrives shortly thereafter attacks the Thing, pulling him out of the Baxter Building and into Central Park. The Thing proves to be no match for Doom and is rendered immobile by the Power Cosmic.


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