Fantastic Four Issue # 162 CONDT VG


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Fantastic Four Issue # 162 CONDT VG
• “The Shape of Things to Come” – (story continued from last issue) – With the Reed Richards from another dimension currently a hostage of Arkon, he breaks free from his restraints and tries to escape, however he’s easily restrained by Arkon and is shackled in Adamantium bonds. Arkon has his aide explain the progress from his plan: As it turns out they have orchestrated to send three different realities to attack to each other. Having acquired technology from all worlds Arkon has had his agents attack the 5th Dimension with Earth-A’s Andrones, Earth-A by beings from other time periods through Dr. Doom’s time machine, and lastly by using the 5th Dimensions freezing technology to turn the Fantastic Four’s world into a frozen wasteland. They then drug the Earth-A Thing and leave him behind.


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