Fantastic Four Issue # 153 CONDT VERY FINE


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Fantastic Four Issue # 153 CONDT VERY FINE
• Includes Marvel Value Stamp Series A #62 (the Plunderer).
“Worlds in Collision!” – Ben angrily accuses Medusa of betraying them, but Reed tries to calm him down, saying that he does not understand. As Ben starts hammering the bars on the stasis-cage, a bolt of energy knocks him to the floor. Reed explains that inside the stasis-cage their breathing, their circulation, and even their talking are much slower than usual. Thus the force of Ben’s blow traveled through the bars so slowly that the cage’s automatic defenses were activated. As Reed, Johnny, and Ben hang suspended in the cage, Reed further explains that the world of Machus and the world of the Femizons are “moving together,” and the resulting collision could destroy all the alternate worlds, including Earth. Reed also says that Medusa probably figured they could escape themselves, and she could not take the time to free them. Taking that as his cue, Johnny flames on and tries to melt the bars, but the cage sucks out all his energy, leaving him weak and his flame extinguished.


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