Fantastic Four Issue # 149 CONDT VG


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Fantastic Four Issue # 149 CONDT VG
• Includes Marvel Value Stamp Series A #78 (the Owl).
• “To Love, Honor, and Destroy!” – As Namor, Sue Richards, and an Atlantean warrior stand on the back of a giant sea monster, Namor angrily declares that he will invade the surface world. He wants revenge for the evil that Reed Richards has done to Sue and her son, he continues. Ben Grimm watches the Sub-Mariner and his monsters swim upriver, and he declares that Namor “means business.” Reed is furious, for not only has Namor stolen his wile, he is flaunting it in Reed’s face. Medusa suggests that perhaps there is some other explanation for Namor’s actions, but Reed tells her to stay out of his affairs. Johnny and Ben decide to take Reed’s side against Namor, but Medusa says that something is bothering her about the way Namor is acting …


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