Fantastic Four Issue # 119 CONDT VG


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Fantastic Four Issue # 119 CONDT VG
• “Three Stood Together!” – After breaking up a squabble between Ben and Johnny, the FF are contacted by aid in T’Challa’s Wakandan tribe calls to tell that two men, Nathan Kumalu and Jeth Robards stole a device called the Vibrotron and disappeared into the jungle with T’Challa following behind. The chase led into the neighboring country of Rudyarda knowing for it’s white supremacy government.
Reed sends Ben and Johnny to Rudyarda to free T’Challa and get the device back, along the way they stop an airplane hijacker. Arriving in Rudyara, they find that Nathan Kumalu was betrayed and left to rot in the slums where the country’s ethnic minorities live. Springing T’Challa out of prison, the three (T’Challa calling himself the Black Leopard*) locate Robards, and find that he’s in the employ of Klaw who seeks to gain control of the Vibrotron.
The three heroes manage to stop Klaw and Robards and turn them over to the Rudyara police force, when asked to go back to the “colored” part of town because it’s after dark, Thing breaks the wall that segregates the two races in the city before the three heroes leave the country.
*This was apparently an editorial decision by Marvel, for a time to distance the character from the political organization, the Black Panthers. This would not last long, with T’Challa quickly resuming his traditional Black Panther title in the pages of the Avengers.


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