Dark Reign: Young Avengers Issue # 5


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Dark Reign: Young Avengers Issue # 5
Dark Reign Tie-In
Young Masters, pt. 5
The Young Masters stand with the Dark Avengers against the Young Avengers. Osborn then declares that he’s going to be the one who decides whose an Avenger or not. However, Patriot disagrees and declares that they will fight to see who an Avenger. The battle breaks out, with different types of combat being thrown at one another. Enchantress engages in battle with Wiccan, accusing him of rejecting her out of his team; he defends that they had to get her away from their base, because she doesn’t know what she is; Hawkeye tangles in a ranged weapons fight against Executioner and Bullseye; Hulkling proves to be immune to Daken’s pheromones; Vision and Egghead go head-to-head. The former demands to the latter if he knew about what Enchantress is; the reason why they had to expel her is to prevent her from examining the Avengers Mansion’s magical defends.


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