Dark Reign: Young Avengers Issue # 3


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Dark Reign: Young Avengers Issue # 3
Dark Reign Tie-In
Young Masters, pt. 3
The Young Avengers, both first and new groups, have split up to take down different incursions made by Hydra. Stature and Big Zero are giant-size at the waters by the Brooklyn Bridge, taking on Hydra copters. The former demonstrates to the latter how she was taught in the Initiative how to ensure that their opponents can be captured without harm to anyone else; Patriot and Melter are taking on Hydra thugs. The latter is hesitant to use his power, which Patriots admires; Enchantress turns her Hydra opponents into toads, while explaining her origins to Hulkling and Wiccan; Wiccan turns the Hydra goons back to human; Hawkeye and Executioner destroy small robots in a warehouse; Speed and Coat of Arms tackle a giant Hydra mech; the latter explains to Speed that she found the coat that granted her her powers and inspired her to become an Avengers; Vision and Egghead take on a Hydra agents riding a jeep. However, the latter uses his phasing abilities to destroy the jeep. Vision insinuates that his programming is erratic, only for Egghead to shout that he is a person.


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