Dark Avengers Issue # 187


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Dark Avengers Issue # 187
“The World is a Dangerous Place”
In the alternate Earth, Reed Richards attempts to get through to Ben Grimm, who in this reality, had his mind devastated by a secondary influx of cosmic rays, but one of Grimm’s monsters, Gronk, bites on his elastic torso and shuts him up. On the side, Skaar asks Grimm if he can leave and demands the slave spell on him be removed. Grimm orders that they bring in Moonstone. Upon seeing her, Grimm mistakes her for Alicia Masters. Richards encourages Moonstone to play along in hopes of getting through to him. Moonstone decides to go along. But when she claimed that she went out of town, Grimm becomes hostile, recalling that he witnessed Alicia’s death. Moonstone attempts to escape, but Halar stops her. Grimm then summons his Moloids to bring Moonstone to a cell and ready her for gladiatorial combat.


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