Captain America Issue # 214 CONDT GOOD


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Captain America Issue # 214 CONDT GOOD
“Power” – The Night Flyer uses “the Power,” a high-voltage shock forced to repel Captain America, Falcon, and the SHIELD agents. He retrieves his gun and fires at Captain America whose instincts and reflexes save him. Searching for his target, Night Flyer explores the rest of the complex. Falcon recovers and assaults him but falls to an electric blast. Although still blind, Captain America suits up and comes upon the sleeper agent who meets with Night Flyer to lead him to the Defector. Just after the Night Flyer locks Falcon in a storage bin, Captain America strikes the sleeper agent with his shield but cannot prevent him from grabbing a flame thrower. As the Falcon batters his way out of the bin, SHIELD monitor personnel pinpoint the Night Flyer’s hang glider circling overhead. They order it shot down. The hang glider’s destruction sends a power surge through Night Flyer, charring and apparently killing him. Soon after, Captain America’s eyesight returns. He suggests that the Night Flyer’s gunshot “jogged the proper nerve into action.” Night Flyer and the sleeper agent are taken away. Captain America and the Falcon decide to call Sharon and Leila to celebrate.
NOTE: This issue marks the end of Captain America’s co-creator, Jack Kirby’s tenure as writer, editor, and artist on this title.


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