Avengers vs X-Men Issue # 12


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Avengers vs X-Men Issue # 12
“Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Twelve)”
72 hours before the final battle against the Scott Summers, the Dark Phoenix, Tony Stark was informing his teammates about recent events important for the situation they are going through now. He explains the connection between the events of the known House of M, the decimation of the mutant race and the Phoenix Force, which came to Earth in order to restore mutant-kind, being responsible for the birth of Hope Summers, who was destined to wield the power of the Phoenix. And finally that Wanda’s Chaos Magic and the Phoenix Force are connected in a cycle, as they were Yin and Yang. Stark continues his explanation, stating that he had to look beyond the limits of science, and discovered that the Scarlet Witch and Hope must work together to overcome the Phoenix.


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