Amazing Spider-Man Issue # 70 CONDT VG


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Amazing Spider-Man Issue # 70 CONDT VG

1st app of Vanessa Fisk (Kingpin’s wife).

Spider-Man Wanted!” – (20-page story, continued from previous issue) – Still on the lam, Spidey hides the tablet in Peter’s closet. The Kingpin breaks jail vowing to get Spider-Man and the tablet. Spidey obliges him and the two battle. In the middle of the battle, Jonah driven by Ned Leeds appears and calls for the police. A mysterious car with a woman driver appears and the Kingpin gets away, unsatisfied. Faced with yet another rant from Jameson, Spider-Man turns and starts to rant right back causing Jonah to have an apparently fatal heart attack. Is Spider-Man a murderer!?


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