Amazing Spider-Man Issue # 200 CONDT VERY FINE


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Death of Burglar (Dennis Carradine)

“The Spider and the Burglar…A Sequel” – (36-page story) – Spider-Man has been zapped with a chemical depressant by Mysterio and lost his powers. Even worse, Aunt May has been murdered, leaving Peter alone in the world. As Spider-Man begins to piece things together, he comes to the realization that the killer he is hunting for is the same burglar who killed his Uncle Ben so many years ago. Powerless yet determined and learning that the burglar has merely captured rather than killed Aunt May, Spidey has a final confrontation with the man who changed his life forever.

NOTE: This states that Stan Lee came back to write one page of this issue, and asks the reader to figure out which one. It’s page 47.


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